I am a Christian

Let me tell you that God is good! He is so good…all the time.

After faithfully attending New Hope Las Vegas for 6 months, I proclaimed my belief in God and his words being true. After an awesome worship and service I stood with my hands up at the front of church, crying, and reciting the salvation prayer amongst believers alike. Confessing my past as being sinful, living for myself and not for God. I was ready to trust Jesus Christ as my savior, and had asked him to come into my heart, live through me, and guide me.

When I say that I am a Christian I am saying that I was lost, and have been found. I have been saved! I am not saying I am holier or that I do not fail, because I am a simple sinner who receives God’s grace. I am a broken person who serves a whole God. God’s love really shined through the people of New Hope and reached me.

Again I found myself professing that Jesus Christ was my Lord and savior. I sat on a Thursday night at young adults holding the hand of a fellow sister in Christ, crying, saying the salvation prayer. Almost immediately I had made up my mind that I wanted to be baptized as a Christian. Although it was fall, and baptizms were done during warmer weather I still asked to be baptized. Weeks went by and it wasn’t looking too hopeful that I would be baptized before the spring. Although I would have gladly waited, I really wanted to be baptized sooner than later.  I had this undenying urge to have it done. Ten or eleven days before my actual baptism it was confirmed that everything had fallen into place and I would get my wish along with a few other people.

The day came, October 24, 2015, the day before my 23rd birthday. I was water baptized, and a Christian. I knew that God loved me no matter my past, my failures, and my faults. I desired to have a more personal relationship with God, and my baptism was another step that I had taken towards that.

It’s funny how the timing of things really works out. I had always thought that by the time I was 23 I would have a humble and loving man to serve and honor. Someone to guide me and protect me, and a man who I would spend my life getting to know, love, honor, and cherish. Little did I know I would get all of that and more, just not in the form that I was thinking. Hours before I turned 23 that man was Jesus. Jesus provides restoration for my life with God by giving his own life and shedding of his blood.

Since then I have had my trials, life has had its ups and downs. I am thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord, even during the times I am unfaithful.

I will praise you as long as I live. Psalm 63:4

♡ B. Tehani LaRue


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