In the midst of it all

That feeling you get when life is overwhelmingly good. When all the stars are aligned in your favor, and your zodiac sign finally says your love life might not be such trash for a little bit. THAT, those feelings of excitement and joy and pure happiness that some how intertwined would be the best love story you’ll never get to share. 

An open ended letter to the man who changed my world…

Thank you!! For being patient, honest, caring, curious, humorous, and consistent. There is no denying that you understood me when I didn’t understand myself. The language between us, the culture around us, and the spark which united us from so many miles away I will never stop feeling a connection to, and an appreciation for. I am thoroughly smitten each time I relive our connections. 

Starting with a wonderful kind of uncertainty where everything was new. An innocent exploration into a discovery unknown to myself. Although I knew that watever we built would just be a monument in my life that I could look back on to cherish, and not to hold. I was wooed by your old fashioned ways. Soaking up the endless amounts of affection you showered me with. You nurtured me day in and day out so effortlessly without expectation of anything in return. 

Expressing your feelings almost daily leaving me nothing less than speechless each and every time. Your writing was right out of a romance novel. 

The memories stay with me in the most positive and healthy way, because I truly believe they helped form the person I am today. My mature heart knowing fully where my priorities are.

From the bottom of my heart … thank you for pouring into my life so tenderly. 

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tze

Mames na gunaiya-mu “sweet is your love” 

You truly are God’s masterpiece 

♡ B. Tehani LaRue 


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